eDiscovery and Hosted Document Review

Our review offerings bring an array of robust TAR technologies to legal cases, investigations, M&A and regulatory matters.  Here are a few of the features:

•  Data processing, EDA, ECA, and final review in one platform

•  Visual similarity (contact us for a demonstration!)
•  Technology Assisted Review (TAR)

•  Advanced Visualization graphics of case data relationships and custodian communication patterns– now includes Geolocation and Heatmap!
•  Email threading, deduplication, and near duplicate analysis
•  Imports and exports load files for multiple review platforms including competitors’
•  Offline mobile case review
•  Transcript support
•  Near-native document viewer with word boundary redaction capability and multiple color selection
•  Advanced case data filtering with 100s of unique facets
•  Process 700+ data types (including PSTs/NSFs) while maintaining chain-of-custody
•  Interoperability with our computer forensic tools, enabling us to get relevant data up for review quickly

There isn’t a single ECA/Analytics technology that fits every case!  Depending on the nature of the case and the kinds of documents involved, glyph-based and text-based TAR offer specific advantages.